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Welcome to BK Monarch Commodities Limited


From farm partnerships to R&D to meet the world’s growing needs.









We provide Vertical Gardening & Organic Farming

We’re the modern farming company re-imagining what a flavorful future tastes like.

Right outside of cities, we grow wildly delicious produce indoors, benefiting people, communities, and our planet.

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Organic Farming

We grow tasty greens, 365 days a year.

Fresh, Local, Sustainable and Delicious.

We are in trading of agrocommodities from Africa

BK Monarch Commodities Limited is globally recognized as one of the fastest growing integrated agricultural supply chain groups. Our multinational operating entities are strategically located across 5 countries and are responsible inter alia for procurement, warehousing, processing and/or manufacturing of finished goods. We also specialise in transporting and distributing our products, driving brand growth.

BK Monarch Commodities Limited’s division of processing mills and plants continue to grow ever larger. Further downstream initiatives have resulted in developing our brands for the wholesale markets of India, Africa and the rest of Asia.

Hydroponic Project

Hydroponic gardening is method of growing plants without soil. It’s a way to nurture a huge variety of edible plants (think herbs, veggies, even some fruits) indoors all year round, regardless of what Mother Nature is doing outside your door. A hydroponic system doesn’t take a lot of space (unless you want it to), it will work just about anywhere, and plants will actually grow faster than if you were growing in-ground. It’s not hard to see why hydroponic gardening is fast becoming a popular way to grow plants everywhere from kitchen counters to university dining halls!

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Team

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Farm Partnerships, Trading & Aggregation

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FOOD PROCESSING & 4PL Logistic Solutions

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Award Wining Company

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Licensed, Bonded, Insured

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Quality Check at Various Level by R&D Team

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From farm partnership to R&D to meet the world growing needs

BK Monarch Commodities Limited of processing mills and plants continue to grow ever larger. Further downstream initiatives have resulted in developing our brands for the wholesale markets of India, Myanmar and the rest of Asia.

With over 4,000 farm partnerships and aggregation operations worldwide, our product range is extensive, from grains and pulses to sugars and cotton.

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